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The taijutsu of Kumogakure Ryu is very similar to Togakure Ryu.(雲隱流忍法和戶隱流非常相似) The Kumogakure Ryu may have been created by the Toda family (also of Togkakure Ryu) in the 1600's, as a ninjutsu school of thought- centering it's techniques on the non-violent side of Ninpo. (The Togakure Ryu teaches that violence is to be avoided). (雲隱流是由戶田家族在十七世紀時所創造的(戶隱流也是),他們建立了一個以「非殘暴技巧的忍道」為中心思想的忍者流派)

The ninja of Kumogakure Ryu went into combat wearing armored sleeves to protect themselves. (雲隱流的忍者在戰鬥時都穿著有武裝的長袖服裝以保護自己)Another interesting feature of the ryu was the Demon Mask, sometimes worn by members of the system. (另外,很有趣的一點是,他們有時會戴著鬼神面具)Kikaku-ken (Demon Horn Fist, or head butt) gives rise to another theory of the Demon Mask.(鬼神面具是鬼神角拳起源的另一個說法(理論))(One of the special weapons of the style is the kamayari, or hooked spear.)(一種特殊的武器,Kamayari有鉤的矛(十文字鉤鐮槍)) Used in combat against swordsmen, the hooks were used to parry and trap the incoming blades.(十文字鉤鐮槍在戰鬥中用來對付劍兵,槍頭的鉤可以用來格檔和扣住劍刃) It was also used to hook opponents from above.(也可以用來對付同樣持十文字鉤鐮槍的敵人) The Kumogakure Ryu densho mentions a ninja named Sarutobi Sasuke, who used the kamayari when leaping from tree to tree, hooking it onto the branches. (有位名為猿飛佐助的雲隱流忍者,可以手持十文字鉤鐮槍藉由槍上的鉤鉤在樹枝上,在樹間進行跳躍)


Another Kumogakure Ryu speciality involved survival training, and being able to light fires under all conditions. (雲隱流其他比較特別的地方就是它的求生訓練,他們可以在任何情況下點燃火種)

Iga Heinaizaemon had a son, Kami Hattori Heitaro Koreyuki, who was the ancestor of Hattori Hanzo, the famous ninja. (伊賀平內左衛門有個兒子,服部俊太郎是之,是服部半藏的祖先)